Comissioned Art

Artist Chris Keng offers affordable commissioned artworks in your choice of art medium such as charcoal, graphite, gouache, water colors, oil, or colored pencils. His specialty is human portraits and animals.

In the initial consultation, please email or mail your referential photographs.

1) We will discuss the art piece, canvas size, format, colors, and budget.
2) I will provide thumbnail sketches of the composition, included in the price.
3) Upon reaching an agreement I will ask for a 50% deposit to cover for materials and labor.
4) Completion of your painting is usually 6 weeks.
5) After completing your final payment, you will receive a beautiful one of a kind original art piece.
100% satisfaction guaranteed! If you are not happy with the final results, all money will be refunded as long as the piece remains the property of the artist.

Chris, wanted to thank you for the remarkable job you did on the painting of my Mom and me. Your work is superb and exceeded my expectations. I was absolutely thrilled with the end are an amazing artist, very gifted and extremely talented! I can't believe that you could do such an incredible job from a small black and white photograph. Your color interpretation, the ability to paint the photograph so life like amazes me. I will treasure this exquisite work of art forever and will recommend your illustration company. Everyone that has the pleasure of seeing this piece of art can't believe how beautiful and how much of an impact it makes. Thank you again so much for your talent. I am so fortunate to have found such an amazing artist to commission our family art piece. I am certain that no other artists could have done such an awesome job!

Randy Gaye
Bradbury, CA